Completed Projects
Catacomb Snatch (Mojang, PC/Mac)
Howling Mouse (Runaway Play / National Geographic, iOS)
Cathode Rays (Christoffer Hedborg, Web)
Cardboard Box Assembler (Fernando RamalloMiguel Angel, Web)
Birdie in Trouble (Klik! Games, iOS)
Kaleidoscope (Morsel Games, XBL Indie Games)
Office DisOrder (Moment Games, XBL Indie Games)
RBR – Fading Memories (Von Chrono, XBL Indie Games)
The Perfect Match (Onion Factory Games, XBL Indie Games)
— Artoon (OK Games, XBL Indie Games)
— Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (Backbone Entertainment, XBLA/PSN) – Arranged two tracks: Credits and Here Comes a New Challenger.

In Development
Cobalt (Oxeye Games)
Rodent & Plank (ShadowMake)
Blind Edge (RetroPlus Games)
— Castle Story (Sauropod Studio) with Josh Whelchel
Scrolls (Mojang) with Josh Whelchel
Catapult for Hire (Tyrone Henrie) — some music
— Unannounced Fighting Game


Completed Projects
Catacomb Snatch (C418 / Anosou Music 2012)
— Indie Mashup EP: Sharing is Caring (Game Music Bundle 2012)
Cobalt EP (Anosou Music 2011)
— Cardboard Box Assembler Original Soundtrack (Anosou Music 2011)
Splatterhouse: Butchered, By Various Artists (Howard Drossin 2011)
Songs for the Cure ’11 (Cancer DriveJosh Whelchel 2011)
PPPPPPowerup! (SoulEye 2011)
Bitejacker Soundtrack (HyperDuck SoundWorks 2011)
Hydorah Original & Arrange Soundtrack (LocomalitoNobuooo 2011)
Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks (OCReMix 2011)
Heroes vs. Villains (OCReMix / Bad Dudes 2011)
Boeoes Kaelstigen – ‘Kantillo‘ (Adrian Recordings 2011)
THE ANSWER – Armored Core Tribute Album - (OCReMix / AFFT 2010)
Return All Robots! Original Soundtrack (Space Whale / Zircon 2010)
Super Meat Boy! Soundtrack / Nice to Meat You (dB soundworks 2010)
— Iwadon (GM4A 2010)
— Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors ~I. WIND~ (OCReMix 2010)
— Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business (OCReMix 2010)
— We Express Ourselves With T-Shirts (Anosou 2010)
— Humans + Gears: Xenogears ReMixed (OCReMix 2009)
— Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption (OCReMix 2009)
— Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream (OCReMix 2007)

In Progress
— DKC3: Double the Trouble (OCReMix 20xx)
— Final Fantasy IX Album Project (OCReMix 20xx)