My name is Mattias Häggström Gerdt. I have many interests and this is  the place where I write about them. During the days I work at Propellerhead Software as Product Manager of Reason. At times, I’m also a freelance composer for video games.

When I’m not making music I enjoy listening to music, cooking, playing Magic: the Gathering and video games. On this website I’ll sometimes post things I’ve done or that I’m interested in—anything from an album release or a recipe for Chinese food. Hopefully someone will find some of it interesting.

To get in touch, tweet me @anosou

8 Replies to “About”

  1. du ser bekant ut måste jag säga, men jag tror inte vi mötts helt olika yrken och jag kan inte tänka mig att du bor söder om söder…eller ?

  2. Jag jobbar på Hornstull, Propellerhead Software, men bor i i västerort. Vem vet – du kanske sett mig out and about? 😉

  3. Har en vän som håller på lite med musik tror han vill fortsätta med det och inte bara som en hobby, vet inte riktigt vad han använder men tror det e reason , har du några tips till honom.

  4. I was wondering how you got into game music? I really enjoy making music, and doing game music would totally be something I would like to do.

  5. Hey, is there any chance of hearing the full remix of the little jinder track you remixed on the propellerhead soundcloud? anywhere at all? it’s amazing. Dave. 

  6. I had a small inquiry I was hoping you could clear up… are you available for hire? And if so, how much is payment? I’ll send you more information as needed.

    Twitter: @MIneatronOrigin
    YouTube: /MineatronOrigin
    Email: Mineatron.replies@gmail.com

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