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Developer Recommendations

“Not more than 24 hours after we contacted Mattias to show him our game, he had a complete draft ready to see if it fitted the mood of the game. And as the game was being finished, it suffered some last-time changes that also affected music. Mattias not only adapted quickly to the new requirements, but also was eager to provide improvements and bits of music to the parts where it was needed. A fast and proactive musician, who provides scores of great quality. Highly recommended.”
Miguel Angel, Developer of Cardboard Box Assembler

“We contacted Mattias out of the blue and on day one he had a track that was even more awesome than what we had in mind. From there, he worked extremely fast on every stage of the project. We were constantly surprised at the speed and quality of his music. After working with him, he could totally have me if he asked for it.”
Fernando Ramallo, Developer of Cardboard Box Assembler

“Mattias is a joy to work with. Best desicion I made on Project Blind EDGE was to hire him. I gave Mattias as much creative freedom as possible with some reference as a rough guide and the results are well beyond my expectations. I WON’T be working with any other composer for future titles…. HE’S THAT GOOD.”
Marvin J Willis, Retro PLUS Games, Developer of Blind Edge

“Mattias is extremely talented, enthusiastic and insightful. I can give no better recommendation than the fact that I cannot wait to work with him again.”
Oscar Kozlowski, OK Games, Developer of Artoon and Illuminate

“Mattias makes music outsourcing a pleasure. The process is quick and painless, and the end product always exceeds expectations – more so than I could ever had hoped. Communication and diligence are at the core of this, I believe; and are the best qualities you can come to expect from Mattias.”
— Nick Busby, Onion Factory Games/Von Chrono, Developer of The Perfect Match and RBR – Fading Memories

“Mattias was an expert composer and good at coming up with music loops that suited the game and worked within the technical limitations of the system. He was very professional and presented several options for appropriate music even given limited information about where and how it would be used. Furthermore, Mattias was always very prompt and communicative. I would definitely recommend Mattias for any work composing music for games.”
Ted Hung, Moment Games, Developer of Office DisOrder

“It was a pleasure to work with Mattias. His tunes captured the essence of our game pretty nicely. All work has been done ahead of schedule. People keep asking us about our composer and I’m afraid I’ve to confess that we are jealous about this :). We won’t hesitate to work with Mattias again in our future games.”
— Özden Irmak, Klik! Games, Developer of Birdie in Trouble


“The soundscape in Oxeye’s Cobalt was also praised for “giving it the amount of life it has” […] a soundtrack that “stays away from melodic motifs to let the overall ambience take center stage.”
IGF Excellence in Audio nomination

“Cobalt is an action-packed 2D shooter with a strong sense of style and an impressively detailed world. It was immediately clear to us why the game was nominated for “Excellent in Audio” at IGF 2011.”
Nordic Game Indie Night 2011 nomination

“Anosou’s decision to commemorate the contemporary scores for the Armored Core series was refreshing in an age filled with tributes to Touhou titles and 8-bit classics. And by blending beats, riffs, and vocals in a bizarre yet compelling way, The Answer stood out for more than just its choice of source material.”
SEMO, when THE ANSWER – Armored Core Tribute Album – won “Best Album – Fan-Arranged” 2011

“[…] the best retro-throwback tunes I’ve heard in a while.”
— Destructoid about Artoon

“[…] with pretty stunning music from anosou too.” about Cobalt

“Despite the sometimes near drastic change of sound, his influences and direction is so strong that in addition to being a fine tribute to something personally close to him, he managed to inject so much personality and flair that for the causal listener it becomes more than just an arrangement album, it becomes a proper album worthy to stand on its own two legs without looking into its source.”
Original Sound Version about THE ANSWER – Armored Core Tribute Album –

“The elaborate synth improvisations and other complex developments keep listeners entertained throughout. […] He persevered on The Answer to offer a rich and meaningful tribute to the Armored Core series while conveying a voice of his own.”
Square Enix Music Online about THE ANSWER – Armored Core Tribute Album –

“This is an utterly excellent remix and is really refreshing to see Western fans pull something like this off so professionally”
Mecha Damashii about THE ANSWER – Armored Core Tribute Album –

“The soundtrack does a fantastic job of starting with a minimal tune and then seamlessly adding layers that alter the song, but preserve the essence. The final levels impressively blend NES-sound effects into the soundtrack.” [1]
“The combination of the gorgeous, colorful graphics and the excellent soundtrack make Kaleidoscope stand out beyond its peers, as does its twist of slowly restoring color to each level. As Tint collects colored orbs, the world becomes brighter and the soundtrack builds from its simple initial beats into a catchy, bouncy tune.” [2] [1],[2] about Kaleidoscope

“The game features an amazing score”
— about Kaleidoscope

“The soundtrack is first rate and perfect in tone.Its production values and musical accompaniment are easily first rate among the class, and it makes a strong effort to justify its creators’ narrative vision.”
— about Kaleidoscope

“[…] accompanied by an amazing dynamic soundtrack. […] There’s just something about Kaleidoscope, when the world blooms in color and the music picks up, it’s digital joy.” “… the music in Kaleidoscope is fabulous about Kaleidoscope

“The music of Kaleidoscope goes well with the artistic direction, and it’s a pleasure to listen to, never becoming grating on the nerves – which is a flaw that many famous platformers suffer from. It really adds to the atmosphere as you progress through the game collecting colors, and it’s so catchy, you just might find yourself humming along.”
— about Kaleidoscope

“All said, the gameplay is generally a relaxing delight, with Tint zipping his way along enjoying the scenery and fantastic music composition.”
— about Kaleidoscope