For any and all inquiries, please e-mail:
mattias [a] anosou [dot] com

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  1. If you click “Music” in the top menu you can navigate to a bunch of different soundcloud players and download music from within that. Each track that is downloadable has a download option. 🙂

    Hi, Mattias Häggström Gerdt . Apex in techno.flac file, broken. You somewhere couldn’t lay out a correct file or throw off on emai (, plz.

    P.S. I apologize for my bad English language, I from Russia am simple.

  3. What a mess, disqus ruined my Comment. This was the original text:
    I love your game-soundtracks, I always enjoy playing games with your music. Keep on the good work!

  4. I can’t help but think how your logo for Anosou music is the same dimensions as the All Seeing Eye Pyramid and the Freemasons logo also.. both overlay exactly.

  5. Hi Anosou,

    I am here because I could not stop playing the “Blaster Ballet” arena in Cobalt because of your music! “Space Ballet” is an amazing track, and I couldn’t stop thinking how cool it would sound on guitar. There’s lots of very catchy grooves and melodies throughout, and the solo towards the end is just epic. Excellent note choice! I’m going to attempt to arrange it for guitar so I can play along to it, but I think I may be biting off more than I can chew :]

  6. Dear Anosou,

    ​I had a small inquiry I was hoping you could clear up… are you available for hire?​ And if so, how much is payment? I’ll send you more information as needed.

    Twitter: @MIneatronOrigin
    YouTube: /MineatronOrigin


    of Mineatronia

  7. Can we use your tracks in videos? Im doing a Super meat boy playthrough and one of your tracks was fantastic “Super Meat Boy MATTIAS’ MANMEAT MIX (REMIX)” was awesome please email me back

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