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Mattias Häggström Gerdt — composer, arranger and game enthusiast.

TxK – The Original Soundtrack

    Scrolls Music Update

    Remember Scrolls, the game by Mojang I’m scoring together with Josh Whelchel? Well, here’s a taste of what the game sounds like:

      Tekken Tag Tournament 2

      I entered a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 remix competition ended up being one of 5 winners. I’m very happy about that as I’ve been a Tekken fan since forever and own most of the soundtracks too. My track will soon be featured on a free EP from JunoDownload so keep your eyes out but until then, here’s my entry:

        New toy: MIDI Fighter 3D

          THE ANSWER wins Best Album – Fan-Arranged

          THE ANSWER – Armored Core Tribute Album - just won “Best Album – Fan-Arranged” in the 2011 Annual Game Music Awards over at SEMO. Here are the comments it received:

          “Anosou’s decision to commemorate the contemporary scores for the Armored Core series was refreshing in an age filled with tributes to Touhou titles and 8-bit classics. And by blending beats, riffs, and vocals in a bizarre yet compelling way, The Answer stood out for more than just its choice of source material.”

          Needless to say I’m very proud and happy about this. :)

            Howling Mouse

            I worked on a great little iOS game called “Howling Mouse” with Runaway Play and National Geographic. It’s available on the AppStore for $0.99 right now. Here’s the music (un-edited) I did for the game:

              Indie Game Music Bundle

              Go get it. Now. Before it’s too late!

                Cobalt EP

                  Songs we heard in ilomilo

                  Remember ilomilo? Remember how the soundtrack was brilliant? Now there’s an arrange album for free and I’m on it! Below is my track, you can download the complete album here:

                    No More Sweden 2011 Presentation