Rivals of Ixalan: My Top 10 Commander Cards

love playing Commander, a Magic: the Gathering format. It’s just as addictive as any other trading card game format, but much more casual and fun. I’ve played Commander for a long time and when a new Magic set comes out I’m super excited for what I can put in my decks. In this post I list my 10 favorite cards from the new set Rivals of Ixalan in no particular order and explain why I love them so much.

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Simple, vegetarian Chinese broth

I cook a lot of Chinese food, especially Sichuanese food. It’s my go-to for making people dinner, especially since I, being the Stockholm hipster that I am, know many vegetarians and vegans.

However, I’m very lazy. I love cooking Chinese food because it’s often super quick and you’re active all the time. That left me with a problem when it was time to do a nice broth for noodle soup or wok dishes like fish-fragrant tofu. These often required some serious cooking time and as many things you could possibly stuff in a sauce pan. After a couple of tries and some research, I figured out these recipes for good vegetarian broth that comes together very quickly and without thinking too much.

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