Oarfish – Spine of the World

Oarfish just released a new single called Spine of the World. It’s some kind of doom metal with ambient, experimental and synth sprinkles on top.

Listen to it on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Simple, vegetarian Chinese broth

I cook a lot of Chinese food, especially Sichuanese food. It’s my go-to for making people dinner, especially since I, being the Stockholm hipster that I am, know many vegetarians and vegans.

However, I’m very lazy. I love cooking Chinese food because it’s often super quick and you’re active all the time. That left me with a problem when it was time to do a nice broth for noodle soup or wok dishes like fish-fragrant tofu. These often required some serious cooking time and as many things you could possibly stuff in a sauce pan. After a couple of tries and some research, I figured out these recipes for good vegetarian broth that comes together very quickly and without thinking too much.

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